Couple Saves Scrawny Shelter Cat From Being Euthanized, And Now He Looks Younger Than Ever

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), 3.4 million cats find themselves in rescue centers in the U. S. every year. The sad truth is approximately 1.4 million of those felines are euthanized.

This is because there are not enough families able to adopt them. For those that do take a leap and welcome a pet, they reap the benefits of unconditional love while being responsible for saving a life.

This cat was found wandering around Bronx Park in New York.

It looked like the feline had not eaten in days. He was immediately taken to a shelter, but he looked weak and malnourished, not making him an ideal candidate for adoption. Shortly after he was labeled “unadoptable.” This meant he was on the list to be euthanized.

shelter cat

That’s when Danny and Hannah appeared in the nick of time.

The couple wanted to adopt an older cat, and when Hannah heard about a cat at the shelter who was about to be euthanized, she contacted the staff.

shelter cat

Hannah and Danny adopted the feline and named him JJ Swattington.

JJ was seriously malnourished at the time he was adopted and weighed only seven pounds.

shelter cat

“When we first got JJ, he was extremely frail so he did a lot of curling up in bed, slept, and ate most of the day. He would also purr non-stop as a coping mechanism,” David says.

It only took less than a month before JJ was active and began exploring the apartment. “The shelter that found him estimated his age at 10 but as he gets healthier he seems younger and spryer! Our best guess is that he’s in the six to eight range,” Danny speculates.

shelter cat

Within six months of his adoption, JJ has transformed into a completely different cat.

JJ has finally recovered from his near-death experience and seems to have finally gotten over his troublesome past.

shelter cat

According to his family, the feline loves to “swat at things, rubbing on catnip, going up and down the stairs, and of course above all eating copious amounts of wet food and taking lots of catnaps!”

“He’s back to full health and causing mayhem around the apartment,” Danny jokes. The cat has already doubled his weight and energy over the year since his rescue.

shelter cat

Danny and Hannah love having JJ in their lives and are so proud of all the progress he has made in such a short period of time.

shelter cat


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