A Shelter Dog Who Had A Rough Past Finds The Perfect Foster Home

Kobe’s new foster parents bought him a McDonald’s ice cream cone on his ride home from the shelter. You could say it was the skinny, heartworm positive dog’s first taste of a sweet and joyful new life.

shelter dog finds foster home

A few weeks ago, Kobe was given up by his previous owners to a Maryland shelter. He’s about four years old and is in the kind of rough shape that indicates he wasn’t treated very well.

Says foster dad Sean Stinchcomb: “We can only assume he wasn’t provided proper care where he was before coming to the shelter.”

shelter dog finds foster home

That’s all changed now.

Kobe has been with Sean and his wife, Jade, and their furry crew of two Pits and four cats for the last two weeks — fostered through Baltimore Bully Crew. Sean and Jade have loved watching Kobe come out of his shell, plying him with peanut butter, chew toys, and lots and lots of snuggles to “help him realize he will never have to worry about going back to the shelter.”

And while Kobe can’t romp with the other critters much now, during his heartworm treatment — well, it sure looks like he’s still enjoying his new circumstances.

Says Sean: “He is a very happy dog and seems to be becoming happier everyday. I would like to think he knows he is safe.”

shelter dog finds foster home

If you’ll allow a little digression: Dog smiles, of course, are complex things. Sometimes a grin means submissiveness or fear. Sean feels pretty confident that Kobe is showing actual, well-deserved happiness with his big grin — which, adorably, matches Jade’s.

“He gives that face whenever he sits down with you,” Sean says. “Since he has been getting used to receiving lots of love and food, it seems like he is smiling more often.”

shelter dog finds foster home

We should add: Sean and Jade’s dogs have a long history of being fantastically well-loved, not to mention adorable.  Their first pup, Delilah, was even enlisted to help Sean propose to Jade back in 2013.

shelter dog finds foster home

In another couple of months, Kobe will go on the market for his permanent home. (Keep watch on Baltimore Bully Crew’s Facebook page for updates — you can put in an adoption application sooner rather than later.)

Having been down this road with many fosters now — always Pit Bulls, always white — Sean knows it’ll be tough to let Kobe go.

shelter dog finds foster home

Sean and Jade’s dogs Delilah and Piper, with another well-loved foster named Dolly.

There may, as in the past, be some tears.  It seems safe to predict that there’ll also be some great big smiles.

shelter dog finds foster home


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