Shelter Dog Waited 1,100 Days To Be Adopted, Finally Finds Forever Home

Update 4:50 pm, 12/10/15

Harriet, the Pit Bull who had been waiting for years to find a home, was finally adopted today by a couple (one of whom worked for the NBC station that did a story on her) in Rockwall, Texas.

shelter dog finds home

Congratulations to the family! We hope you have many happy years together.

***Original Story***

Harriet had a taste of the good life only briefly—she was adopted and returned when her family fell on hard times and could no longer afford to keep her. Though they loved her very much, and despite the fact that Harriet was a good dog and model citizen, she had no choice but to return to Rockwall Animal Rescue in Texas.

shelter dog finds home

There’s no doubt Harriet is a staff favorite; she is around 6 years old but has a puppy’s spunk, and the rescue says she is housetrained, has perfect leash manners, and is a lover of car rides. She befriends every human she meets (especially the little ones!) but can be picky with her canine pals. For this reason, she would ruv to hog all your attention as the only dog in the home.

shelter dog finds home

This girl also adores adventures—anything that gets her out of her kennel. She would make a fantastic travel companion and loves to go shopping with the rescue workers. Good luck getting her in the cart at Bed, Bath & Beyond, though!

For more than three years (almost 1,100 days!) Harriet has been waiting excitedly yet patiently for someone to give her a second chance. She promises to be a great companion, complete with gentle kisses, a mellow personality, and the occasional snore. Harriet does have a case of resting doofus face, but she flaunts it.

shelter dog finds home

If you have room in your heart and home for this big girl who’s been waiting an awfully long time for a second chance, the rescue is still searching for her forever family. She needs just the right one, after all.

If you live in the area and would like to inquire about Harriet, please contact Meri Lou at 469-698-8898 or email [email protected] Take a look at her PetFinder profile here. Harriet is waiting very patiently to meet you!

shelter dog finds home


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