These Dogs’ Shelter Freedom Rides Were Captured On Camera And You Can’t Help But Smile Along With Them!

Shelter Freedom Ride

Definition: The final trek from the animal shelter to a pup’s forever home.

The following dogs waited at Chicago Animal Care and Control for a rescue to take them in. Some waited for months, some were saved in their final hour, and the best news is that all have found loving forever homes. Here are their touching “shelter freedom ride” photos! You can’t help but smile at the joy and relief on their faces!


Peach, a dog with severe mange, chose to shut her eyes and take in the smell of freedom! Ah, the sweet smell of freedom!


Kit Kat spent more than three months in animal control after her owner was prosecuted for animal abuse.


Yoshi was all “Let’s blow this pop stand!” when he learned it was his turn to bust out.

Let's blow this pop stand!

These six dogs were determined to get comfortable… at all costs:

Sure beats a cement kennel!


Eyes on the road buddy! Nothin' to see back here, just a pup stretchin' out!


Ah yes, this is most comfortables!

These five dogs’ smiles say it all:


This dog was a little skeptical that she would get her own dog bed, toys *and* a family to love her. (She did.)



This puppy was hoping to stop through the drive-thru on the way to his foster home:


And this puppy gave a wink to her transporter:



This dog tried not to let his nerves show:



This dog wanted to thank his rescuer:



And this pup never looked back. : )


Source: BarkPost

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