Quick Thinking Zoo Guests Save A Zookeeper From Being Killed By Siberian Tiger

When a Russian zookeeper was bringing a Siberian tiger food, it pinned her, biting and clawing at her. She was quickly saved by onlookers who shouted and threw stones at the beast until it backed off.

siberian tiger attacks zookeeper

Typhoon, the big cat, sprang on the unidentified keeper at the Kaliningrad Zoo in Russia because its cage door had been accidentally left open.

The shocking photos show the tiger gnawing on the young woman as she lies on her back screaming in terror. The attack happened mere feet from where zoo visitors had been taking photos of the beast. In addition to throwing rocks, some men managed to lift a table and chairs from a nearby café and hurl them over the fence to distract the tiger while the keeper crawled away to safety.

The zookeeper was badly mauled and rushed to the hospital where she is expected to survive.

siberian tiger attacks zookeeper

“The girl’s face was bleeding,” one witness said. “She screamed and tried to fight off the animal.”

The Siberian tiger is the largest cat in the world and was supposed to be contained in another part of its compound when the woman brought in a hunk of meat for dinner. No other zoo employees were present inside the cage at the time.

The zoo praised the visitors who saved the employee’s life.

“The animal entered the enclosure when the keeper was there. The tiger attacked the human,” the statement read.

“Visitors with their shouting, stones, and other improvisation managed to distract the animal. This allowed the zoo employee to hide in a back room.”

Zoo staff shot a sedative into the 16-year-old “elderly” tiger. It was the first time the tiger has been aggressive toward a human.

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