A Sick Toddler Gives This Shelter Dog A New Purpose In Life

Zacarri Nolan is a patient at the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital with Osteogenesis Imperfecta or Brittle Bone Syndrome. In just three years of life, she has had 17 fractures and seven surgeries due to the condition for which there is no cure. Enter Trick.

Trick is a rescue dog from Southside Animal Shelter in Indianapolis who was paired with Zacarri through Medical Mutts, an organization that puts shelter dogs through service dog training to make them more adoptable. The duo is too cute for words.

sick child service dog

Through Medical Mutts, service dogs like Trick are trained to do things like pick up fallen items and alert someone in case of a medical emergency. Not to mention, wherever Zacarri goes, Trick will follow. In this adorable case of “Who rescued who?,” Zacarri and Trick are both changing each others’ lives for the better!


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