Woman Adopts Super Senior Beagle So That She Gets To Know What Family Feels Like

When a Maryland shelter rescued Lola, she was in terrible shape, 16 years old with cancer, and she had recently suffered a stroke.

“She started to just kind of give up. She quit eating and eventually was just laying around,” Kirstyn Northrop Cobb, shelter manager at the Animal Welfare League Queen Anne’s County said. “So I took her home.”

Cobb has brought home other hospice animals throughout the years.  It was important to her that each one of them feel loved during their last days.
She was hoping Lola would at least be around a few more days to enjoy good food, a comfortable bed and affection.
“After all, she wasn’t eating, and we really felt that she just didn’t have much more time than that,” Cobb says.

In only three days, Lola began to change for the better — eating more and moving around.
“She started to spunk up,” says Cobb. “So we decided to just keep going with her for as long as she was happy.”

Cobb thought that Lola might like a trip to the beach.

Lola liked the beach so much that “I started thinking about other things that she might enjoy, so I basically started the bucket list for her,” says Cobb.

The bucket list was full of doggie pleasures: eating french fries , sleeping in her own dog bed, exploring a state park, wearing a comfy sweater, dressing up for Halloween, sniffing a bunny and having a family.

Lola loved it.

All except for sniffing the bunny… Lola is terrified of bunnies.

And here we are, more than six months since Lola first turned up at the shelter.

Lola’s lived longer, and better, than Cobb had ever  hoped for. 

That means Cobb is in the fortunate position of coming up with a new bucket list activities for Lola, like pictures with Santa, Christmas presents and going to Starbucks for a puppuccino.

“So we will make those things happen!” says Cobb. “She is much better now, and super spunky. I think it’s because someone gave an older dog a chance, and now she has something to live for.”


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