7 Signs Your Dog Is Experiencing Pain And Trying To Hide It

1. Gaitsigns your dog is in pain 1

Changes in a dog’s walk, like limping, hobbling or favoring one leg over another.

2. Energysigns your dog is in pain 2

If your dog is acting more sluggish than usual, it may mean he or she isn’t feeling well.

3. Appetitesigns your dog is in pain 3

A dog that is not interested in food either means the dog is sick or hell has frozen over.

4. Eyessigns your dog is in pain 4

Bloodshot and dilated or constricted pupils can be a sign something is awry.

5. Demeanorsigns your dog is in pain 5

Some dogs can become defensive when they are hurting.

6. Breathsigns your dog is in pain 6

Fast, shallow breaths or excessive panting for no discernible reason could be a sign your dog isn’t feeling well.

7. Posturesigns your dog is in pain 7

If a dog is hunching over, fidgety, or particularly rigid it may mean they aren’t feeling well.


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