One-Eyed Cat Gets Second Chance At Life After A Raccoon Attack On The Streets

This is the story of a lucky who was born on the street. When a litter of feral kittens and their mother were viciously attacked, you would expect they would be just one more statistic. But that’s not how things turned out.

Sir Stuffington’s life didn’t have a very happy beginning.

stuffington cat 1

As a newborn he and his mom and the rest of the litter were attacked by a raccoon.

stuffington cat 2

His mom and two of his brothers didn’t make it. But Sir Stuffington was a fighter.

stuffington cat 3

He had to recover from some serious wounds, as well as a terrible flea infestation, but he quickly became a bright light in his foster mother’s home. There, he and his adopted siblings could cuddle and play all day.

stuffington cat 4

As he has grown up, his spirit has grown even stronger. He’s a mischievous and fun-loving little boy.

stuffington cat 5

He might look tough now, but he’s a real sweetheart with everyone he meets.

stuffington cat 6

When he was a kitten they were worried that he would have a hard time recovering from the raccoon’s attack.

stuffington cat 7

But he hasn’t let it stop him from doing all the things other cats love to do! Like napping.

stuffington cat 8

Plus he’s always a hit when Halloween comes around!

stuffington cat 9
I am so glad that Sir Stuffington’s story has a happy ending. He’s clearly got a bright and caring spirit that touches everyone he meets.

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