5 Excellent Reasons To Sleep Next To Your Dog

Many dog owners don’t allow their dogs to sleep next to them in bed at night, or anytime of the day really.  Many people have heard or think it’s not a “good thing.” However, we’ve got proof that sleeping next to your dog is beneficial! After all, dogs are awesome partners in everything. There’s nothing wrong with having them as snuggle buddies as well. So if you want an excuse to sleep with your dog by your side, here are five great ones!

1.Dogs relieve anxiety:

Dogs are known to relax and soothe you; they have the ability of making us happier. They can also relieve stress and worry. So sleeping next to your dog at night after a hard day at work will make you feel all better.

sleeping with dogs

2.Dogs are our guardians.

Dogs make us feel safe, and that’s a part of why we buy/adopt a dog in the first place. We know that our dogs would do anything to save us, because they’re loyal to us always and no matter what. Sleeping next to a dog makes you feel safer, which will make you sleep with no worries.

sleeping with dogs


3.Dogs love sleeping next to their owners.

They can feel the love! Sleeping next to your dog makes him or her feel safe and calm, just like it does to you. They will always enjoy cuddling with you.

sleeping with dogs

4.Dogs are always warmer and cozier than blankets!

Don’t get me wrong, blankets are warm and all, but sleeping next to a warm and cozy dog can’t be beat, right?

sleeping with dogs

5.Dogs ameliorate depression.

In the same way dogs are known for relieving anxiety, they ameliorate depression too. Dogs have proven to be able to make people feel better – never has a service dog failed a depressed patient. They are even known to save lives. Dogs give unconditional and unlimited love to everyone. So whether you had a really bad day, or your depression is putting you on edge, a relaxing night with your dog may be all you need.

sleeping with dogs


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