When The School Unjustly Punished Her Family This Grandma Jumped To Action….

When this boy’s school punished him and his family over a small infraction, his grandma jumped into action. What happened next is amazing.

speak up for what you believe speak up for what you believe

The photo first surfaced  when Hunter’s grandmother, Laura Hoover,posted it to Facebook, where she said the following:

speak up for what you believe

After pressure from the local community, Laura reported that, “This issue has been resolved. The cardboard partition will no longer be used for any detention of any kind. Thank you for your overwhelming support and outpouring of compassion”

However, the story doesn’t end there…

The community also began to organize to fix up Hunter’s mother’s old Durango. But after realizing that the repairs would be too costly to make sense, local businesses pooled their resources and gave the family a 2001 Chrysler van.

speak up for what you believe

From now on Hunter should be able to get to school on time, and no other children at his school will be punished that way again.

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