Church Plans Animal Fighting Contest

Rose Rynish

St. Patrick’s Parish in Hortonville, Wisconsin plan to host an event this weekend in which pigs are punched in the face, kicked, body-slammed, jumped on, yelled at and thrown into a bucket.

This illegal animal fighting event is in violation of Wisconsin Chapter 951, titled “Crimes Against Animals”, which outlaws cockfighting, dogfighting, and any other similar fighting between animals or animals and humans.

In addition, being a spectator of such an event is also in violation of Chapter 951. Those prosecuted could face felony animal fighting charges.

Wrestling, as a sport, is contested by two human opponents, evenly matched, each of whom enters into the match voluntarily with mutually agreed-upon rules and a common goal. Not so in “matches” like pig wrestling, where frightened animals are unwilling participants exploited by teams of humans for entertainment. Pigs are exceptionally intelligent and capable of feeling complex emotion. They are affectionate and friendly when kept as pets, and do not deserve the stress, fear, and possibility of injury that pig wrestling subjects them to.

The Global Conservation Group’s Division of Legal Affairs have filed reports with local, state and federal agencies alerting them to this illegal event.

Join the Global Conservation Group in calling on the church to cancel this event and replace it with a humane alternative activity. Please sign and share the petition and politely call them below:

St. Patrick Parish: 920-757-5090 or email [email protected]
Event Coordinator, Rose Rynish: 920-757-6824 or email [email protected]

CLICK HERE to sign and share the petition urging the church to cancel the event.