Golden Retriever Has An Uncommon Condition That Sets Him Apart From Other Dogs

When Stanley was first rescued from Golden Retriever Rescue Of Mid-Florida, his parents knew he was different right from the start. 

At their very first meeting, they found Stanley sleeping on the top of a dining room table.


But it was love at first sight and they took him home!


But they were initially concerned about their new pup. Although they were successful training dogs in the past, Stanley just wasn’t catching on. He continued climbing onto tables and counters, and they were afraid he would injure himself.


Soon, Stanley wouldn’t even respond to his name. They hired two trainers, who both quit. One of the trainers even suggested Stanley may be mentally challenged.


The family started to study Stanley’s behavior and noticed he had an obsessive-compulsive routine of gathering a slipper, remote control, and stuffed animal every single day.




Their vet assessed Stanley’s challenges and thought his behavior could be a result of stubbornness and inbreeding.


They still do not know exactly why Stanley behaves the way that he does, but they’re not worried, since Stanley is physically healthy and surrounded by people and pets who love him.

His owner added, “He may be a bit slow, but his silly quirks, good nature, and odd little personality makes us love him even more.”



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