Police Department Failed To Find The Owner Of A Stray Dog So They Surprisingly Did This…

One of the great tragedies of the world we live in is the fact that there are a lot of stray dogs out there. Whether they’re abandoned or simply lost, it’s a tragic state of affairs. There are thousands of stray dogs wandering the streets at any given minute, many of whom will likely die from starvation, disease, or any number of other dangers out there.

As depressing as that thought may be, it’s definitely heartening to know that there are still good people out there who are willing to help an animal in need. Take the Kirtland Police Department in Ohio, for example. Back toward the end of March, they came across a stray dog whom they nicknamed John Doe, aka “JD.” As is standard procedure, they reached out through all the appropriate channels to try to locate JD’s owners.

After weeks of searching, however, no owner was to be found. So, with the permission of the mayor and the Chief of Police, the Kirtland Police Department has officially adopted JD as their own (though he also gets to hang out with the folks at City Hall and the Fire Department). He’s basically become Kirtland’s official pet, going from being homeless to now having a whole town embrace him.

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