When A Cop Can’t Find The Owner Of This Rescued Puppy, He Goes The Extra Mile To Make Sure She Is Safe

Officer Kareem Garibaldi of Lakeland, Florida, was on his beat one early Saturday morning when he heard a rustling from behind a corner. Lo and behold, it’s just a little, lost puppy dog looking for a friend!

Rather than ignoring the sweet mutt, who is a mix of a pit bull and a Boxer, Officer Garibaldi took the pup under his wing and tried to keep her safe. After wandering the streets for a few hours to look for her owner, Officer Garibaldi dropped the pup off at the precinct before heading out to finish his beat.

When nobody claimed the dog at the end of his shift, Garibaldi took the dog home with the intention of finding her owners the next day.  Anyone else could have dropped the dog off at the pound, but not Officer Garibaldi. He headed to a local branch of the SPCA to get the dog checked out and waited patiently to make sure she was in good health.


Exhausted from their busy 48 hours, Officer Garibaldi and the puppy took the opportunity to catch some much needed sleep while waiting for the checkup.


But Officer Garibaldi couldn’t stop worrying about the plucky puppy and kept waking up to check on her and make sure she was alright.


After the vet examined her, the puppy was found to be in excellent health, with the exception of a few mites. She was returned to the precinct where one of the dispatchers immediately fell in puppy love with her, named her Hope, and took her home to start a new life. None of this would have been possible without the efforts of Officer Garibaldi.


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