Talkative Husky Puppy Has So Much To Say To His New Mom

It’s safe to say the only thing more adorable than a baby husky is a baby husky with a lot on his mind and a lot to say. Although humans weren’t #blessed with the gift of understanding husky speak, we’ve done our very best to interpret what we believe this husky could be saying:

Possibility 1) “Mom, would you please put me down? I still have to sniff the entire kitchen floor and then poop by the refrigerator.”

Possibility 2) “Okay, mom, I get it. You think I’m cute. And I think you’re great! Honestly. Now, would you please carry me to the nearest pillow? Your arms are nice but pillows are nicer. Sorry. Just trying to be real.”

Possibility 3) “I love you I love you I love you I love you I’m a dog I love you I love you I love you I’m a dog (etc).”

All of these are viable options, but what really matters is how freaking cute this video is.


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