Abandoned Dog Who Was Left To Die In A Tar Pit Gets A Second Chance At Life

One dog in Chile witnessed first hand the evils that men are capable of committing, but thankfully, she also witnessed the good.

Tar pits like this one are a common throughout Chile, but for some reason, Jhonny Alquinta decided he had to stop at this one. He asked his son to pull over and take a closer look.


As soon as Jhonny stepped out of the car, he noticed something moving in the tar.


It was a dog!  Jhonny and his son worked to get the poor pup out the tar. In the process they also discovered that he had actually been tied in a sack.


It’s horrible that someone would do something so evil to an animal.


She was weak and fading fast. They knew they had to act NOW.


They rushed the dog to the nearest vet and got terrible news. Because of her prolonged exposure to the toxic stuff, the puppy’s odds of survival were slim.


It took the staff at the clinic four whole hours to get her cleaned up. Every loving touch made her stronger.


When they were finally finishing cleaning her, she began to wag her tail. That’s when they knew they had a survivor on their hands.


They decided to name her Quitran, which is the Spanish word for “tar.”


Quitran is growing stronger every day. She will stay at the clinic until she is healthy enough to be adopted. People are already eager to make her a part of their family.


Thank heavens for people for like Jhonny and his son. While this poor baby experienced something truly awful, she also got to experience the good that people have in their hearts. I hope she finds the happy home she deserves!


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