‘Teacup’ Pig Abandoned By Man Who Thought She Would Stay Tiny

When a man in Washington, D.C. decided to buy a ‘teacup’ pig, he thought the pig would stay tiny forever.

teacup pig dumped animal control

However, he was missing one very important detail: there is no such thing as a “teacup” pig!

Pigs that are sold as “teacup” or “mini” are usually smaller breeds of pigs (like potbellied). These pigs are deliberately malnourished to keep them small and marketed as fully grown.

One of the most famous “mini” pig gone wrong is Esther the Wonder Pig: She was very fortunate that her dad changed his whole life so they could keep her and started a sanctuary in her name.

Often times these pet pigs end up being abandoned, and that’s exactly what happened to Dani, who is a Duroc pig. Female Duroc pigs can grow up to weigh as much as 650 pounds.

teacup pig dumped animal control

“A man who lived in the city had purchased her as a ‘teacup pig,'” Terry Cummings, director of Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Poolesville, Maryland, wrote. “[He] realized when she grew so rapidly that she was going to be much larger.”

When the man spotted animal control officers in his area, he brought his pig out and gave her away. “He handed her over to animal control when they were investigating another call in his neighborhood, and told them he had named her ‘Chris P. Bacon,’ and didn’t want her anymore,” Cummings wrote.

Luckily, there were many people out there who wanted the pig, just as she was. Cummings agreed to give the little pig a forever home at Poplar Spring. There she would meet new friends and never outgrow her home. That’s when she was renamed, Dani.

Dani arrived at the sanctuary and happily chowed down on her first meal. Rescuers gave her a sweater and a dog bed under a heat lamp so she could be warm and cozy.

teacup pig dumped animal control

Because she is a pig at heart, Dani went ahead and covered the dog bed in the hay.

Dani was quite determined to explore.

“We had decided to let Dani out of her stall for a few minutes, but she had other ideas, and decided to meet the goats instead!” Cummings said. “She also refused to go back in her stall and we had to run around with her for a half an hour. We were exhausted, but she had a great time!”

When so many “teacup” and “mini” pigs are finding themselves homeless when they start growing, it’s so heartening to see Dani in a home perfectly appropriate for her.

teacup pig dumped animal control

“She is adorable — friendly and sweet, and loves snuggling in our laps and getting belly rubs,” Cummings added. “We are so happy that she will never be anyone’s ‘bacon’ and will now get to live a wonderful, happy life that all pigs deserve.”

teacup pig dumped animal control

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