The Rock Becomes Hero Of The Day When He Rescues Two Adorable Puppies

French Bulldog Brutus has only been in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s family for a few weeks, but he’s already made quite a splash! The adorable little smoosh face, small enough to sit in the actor’s hand, is turning out to be well, quite a handful!

Can you smell what Brutus is cooking!? …Poop. That smell is poop.

The action star posted a hilarious video to his Instagram of Brutus being pawsitively unmoved (literally) by his Pop’s sob story. Considering Dwanye Johnson’s herculean physique (and that he probably has bowel movements bigger than Brutus) it seems as though this Rock is actually a total softie. ?
Enjoy watching the lovable duo on their nightly stroll, and if you’re like me, enjoy watching it 50 times in a row.


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