This Mini Horse Was Rescued From His Troubled Home, But You Won’t Believe How He Repays The Favor

Gentle Carousel is an organization that specializes in taking miniature horses from troubled homes and placing them in their program, then training them to eventually become miniature therapy horses!

Here are some of their best students below.

“A favorite photo of Scout… checking out the television.”

therapy horses

Although Scout was just seven pounds at birth, what he brings to the world is much bigger than that! He makes the perfect therapy horse.

“Scout in the pumpkin patch.”

therapy horses

Gentle Carousel is an all-volunteer charity and has been doing amazing work since they started in 1996.

“Gisele takes a nap in the sun.”

therapy horses

Gisele lived in isolation for eight years, but she was rescued and taken to the Gentle Carousel chapter in Greece. Now she lives quite the pampered life!

“Have a Happy Day!”

therapy horses

The neglected horses are rescued and given the chance to repay the favor.  After rehabilitation, they are sent to connect with people who have also had trouble in life.

“Therapy horse Valor visiting a Veteran’s Hospital in Washington D.C.”

therapy horses


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