Thor A Beautiful Bengal Cat Loves To Be Photographed

Bengal cats are considered to be one of the most hypnotizing breeds on Earth.  Their gorgeous fur and wild grace is simply amazing. Thor is one of these awesome cats, who has blown up the Internet with his photos. 

We are totally fascinated by His Majesty the Cat Thor, and we want to share with you his most hypnotizing photos.

Look into his eyes! This cat knows he’s the boss of the family.

King Thor ?

A photo posted by Thor The Bengal (@bengalthor) on

We can only envy his grace.

We can hardly tell him apart from the real predator!

But at the same time, he adores attention and caresses.

And, of course, Thor adores chilling out in bed.

Goodnight my friends ??

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A photo posted by Thor The Bengal (@bengalthor) on

That’s how he gets a rest from his everyday routine, such as dancing…

Me parading on the catwalk ?

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…and games.

Sometimes Thor has so much fun he finds himself in a difficult situation.

He has loving fans who always present him with flowers.

In short, sometimes it’s so tiring to be this gorgeous cat.

Thanks, Thor! You’ve made our day simply purrfect!


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