Ultra-Tiny Rescued Koala In Australia Is Melting Hearts Across The Internet

Louise, the Koala was separated from her mother at a very young age.  When she was introduced to her mother, she rejected her. 

After some terrible storms had hit Hawkes Nest, Australia, Louise was found in a chicken coop.  Local rescue organization named HKPS Koala Care and Rescue did their best to reconnect the joey with her mother when they found her in a nearby tree.

tiny koala

“A koala was in a tree above who we assume was [her] mum but after an hour of the Joey calling from the base of the tree the koala was unresponsive,” said Louise’s foster mother, Sue Swain, on Facebook. Now, Louise is being raised by HKPS.

“Once she is separated from mum, that’s it,” HKPS care and rescue coordinator Simone Aurino said. “She will be a hand-raised joey. She will move through all stages of development with her foster mum… Once she is weaned she will be put into a kindergarten situation with other young koalas to learn to be a big girl koala.”


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