Toddler And Her Blind, Deaf Great Dane Share The Most Beautiful Bond Imaginable

Echo, a Great Dane, was nearly euthanized as a puppy because she’s blind and deaf. That is when Marion Dwyer rescued the neglected pup at 12-weeks-old and took her home to the Niagara Falls area in New York.

toddler and great dane

Shortly after, Marion became pregnant, and it was as if Echo knew her future companion was inside her belly. Echo paid so much attention to her baby bump.

After baby Jennie was born, Echo took to her immediately. The two did everything together including eating, snuggling, playing and became inseparable.

When they take their daily walk, Jennie insists on holding the leash.

toddler and great dane

The adorable friendship is solely based on touch and an emotional connection because Jennie doesn’t yet speak and Echo is deaf.

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