Dog Returned To Shelter For Being “Too Affectionate” Finds Her Forever Home

At the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas, a dog was recently dropped off for a very unusual reason. At just 1 year old, Jubilee found herself being left at a shelter because her owner said that she was “too affectionate.”

It’s easy to tell from this picture that Jubilee is nothing short of a furry ball of love. Sadly, she was dropped off at the shelter due to her affectionate nature. The staff was shocked to hear that she was no longer wanted because she “always wants to be by my side.”

too affectionate dog 1

After filling out the forms and being handed over, she never saw her owner again. It’s hard to image the confusion and sorrow that she went through not knowing what she did to deserve this fate. A visitor of the shelter managed to snap this photo as she was being surrendered:

too affectionate dog 2

When Jubilee’s story went public, tens of thousands of people on the Internet shared her story across social media. Her heartbreaking story resulted in a flood of adoption offers to the shelter for the dog that had so much love to give.

too affectionate dog 3

The very next day after Jubilee was left at the shelter, a wonderful person named Samantha applied to adopt Jubilee. After a meet-and-greet with each other, the two eventually went home together.

too affectionate dog 4

Jubilee is now happy in her new home with her new family. Rescuing dogs in need is not something new for Samantha as she has another rescued dog named Abby.

too affectionate dog 5

This heartfelt story doesn’t end there, however, as two other families that came in to adopt Jubilee would go on to adopt other dogs from the shelter that day. Jubilee’s struggles would give two other dogs great homes. Every cloud has a silver lining.

too affectionate dog 6

Check out the video below to learn more about Jubilee’s story:


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