He Gets The Surprise Of His Life On Train When Unusual Passenger Sits By Him…

Thomas McCormack and his dog Paddy are as close as a dog and owner can be. But Thomas didn’t realize just how much his pup loved him until one day after Thomas boarded the train to go to work, he  got a huge surprise!

It was just another work day for British handyman Thomas McCormack. He would get ready for work, made sure his dog Paddy was secure in the backyard, and head to the train station for his daily commute. However, after sitting on the train for just a few minutes, he was stunned to find Paddy jumping into the seat beside him!

He couldn’t figure out how Paddy had escaped the back yard.  Then it occurred to him that a few times he’d arrived home to find Paddy waiting for him at his front door. When Thomas asked his neighbors if they’d noticed anything, they laughed and told him they’d seen Paddy jumping on the trampoline in his backyard and launching himself over the fence!

Thomas thinks Paddy had likely been trying to follow him to work for a number of days, but that particular one was just the first time the dog had successfully caught up with him before his train left! 

Watch Thomas describe the adorable incident in the video below!


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