He Quit His Job And Spent The Next 3 Years Traveling With His Dog On A Kayak

The next time you’re having a bad case of the Mondays, you might want to look to the shining example of Sergi Basoli who ditched the 9-5 work day to kayak around with his dog, Nirvana, for three years.  What began in the Summer of 2013 from Sergi’s hometown of Barcelona, continued on for over 5000 km (and still continues!) as he kayaked his way along the Mediterranean coastline, island hopping, and making sure to keep the pace  “slow enough not to miss too much.”

Sergi began his trip solo, and only met Nirvana on a chance encounter while stopping in Sardinia, where he found her alone and confused.  She hopped on his kayak and this “sailor dog” has never left.


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