Dog Chained In Truck Is Legal In Florida

When Florida woman Brenna Cronin spotted a dog whose owner had put it in a very dangerous situation, she was shocked to learn that technically no laws were broke.

Brenna Cronin and her boyfriend were driving down the highway when they were stunned when they spotted a terrified pit bull named Zeus crouching on top a cage in the back of a truck’s open-air trailer.

Brenna was outraged, immediately got out her phone to document the canine’s cruel treatment. She and her boyfriend eventually lost track of the vehicle, but posted these photos on social media causing a stir and prompting an investigation by Flagler County Animal Services.

They were able to locate Zeus’s owner, but what he had done wasn’t illegal. In Florida, dogs can ride in open-air vehicles as long as they’re tethered twice. Zeus had been tethered just once, for which his owner got a ticket, but there was nothing else officials could do.

Brenna continued to post about the incident on Facebook, and the fallout has prompted many animal rights activists to call for a change to Florida’s laws concerning animals riding in open-air vehicles.


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