20 Puppies Alive And Well After A Hunter Finds Them Abandoned In A Field

Twenty young puppies are alive and well today thanks to a hunter who happened to stumble across the field where they had been abandoned in Saskatchewan, Canada, reported Global News.

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The tiny pups, which range between three and six weeks of age, were in the middle of nowhere, huddled together on a towel. Greg Zubiak, the man who found them, described the shocking discovery:

As I walked around the truck I could see two little eyes looking at me and I could see it was puppies. So then all of them looked at me and I was shocked,”

“All I said was, ‘OK, come on,’ and as I said that, they all got up and made their way towards me howling and barking.

The abandoned pups were cold, flea-infested and dehydrated, but they are expected to survive. Battleford’s Humane Society, which has been providing the pups with care, notified their Facebook followers about the puppies on October 4:

These babies came into the shelter after supper last night. They were found by a hunter in a field on a blanket and left to perish. There are 20 of them…yes 20!! All ranging in ages from 3 weeks to 5 weeks!! They are flea infested, hungry and cold but the vet says they should all be ok.

Since the time that they were found, thousands of people have viewed the photos and many people have donated food, funds and supplies to help the shelter provide all that is needed to properly care for the puppies.

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Nobody is certain why the puppies were left in the field, but one speculation is truly disturbing; Shelter coordinator Michelle Spark has surmised that the pups may have been left as bait to lure in coyotes.

Source: Examiner

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