A Collection Of Completely Unsettling Facts That Will Ensure You Never Sleep Again

The world can be a terrifying place, but it’s all the more terrifying if you read the facts in this list.



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1/40. Most of the people on the laugh tracks in television are actually dead. You are listening to the dead laughing.

2/40. Humans are mostly dark meat.


3/40. There are actually tiny mites living on your eyelashes. Their job description includes eating oils and skin cells, reproducing by laying eggs, and pooping.

4/40. Somewhere right now someone is being tortured and is in horrible pain.

5/40. When you smell a fart on the subway, keep in mind you just have inhaled particles that were contained in some complete stranger’s rectum just a few moments ago.

6/40. There are about 100 active serial killers right now.


7/40. Yogurt is alive.

8/40. That there are around 50,000 people having sex in the world every second of every day and I’m not one of them 99% of the time.

9/40. Colony Collapse Disorder. The recent mass death of all species of bees. They are a cornerstone to life on this planet and they are dying more rapidly than ever. If they go we go and that is the truth.

10/40. That there is only one way to die (blood pumped from the heart not reaching the brain), but there are billions of ways for this to happen.


11/40. Cancer can cause almost any symptoms in the body. You know that slight ache you’ve got, or he way you feel a little under the weather? That could be cancer.

12/40. That literally every thing you have ever done has impacted the world in ways you cant even imagine. Dropped gum on the floor? Someone else steps on it. This causes him a minor inconvenience of about 30 seconds of scraping. He gets in his car and heads to work. This causes him to approach a light 30 seconds later than he would have. He misses the green light. He misses the elevator up to his office. Now he is late. This was his third strike at a very strict job. He got fired. His wife leaves him. His house goes into foreclosure. All because you dropped your gum in the wrong place. Now its not all bad things, you will set murders and all manner of other things in motion, but you also push people together, create love, get people laid, all manner of things. Still you ruined that dude’s life you gum-dropping b*stard.

13/40. “Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”


14/40. We are each going to do die in some specific, unknown place. You may pass it every day. It may be home — the safest place you know. It may be a gas station. It may be somewhere you have absolutely no knowledge of, surrounded by people you don’t now know. But no matter what, that place is out there right now, just waiting for you to show up.

15/40. We were all born too late to explore the earth, and too early to explore the stars.

16/40. That there are billions of people who have died and now are forgotten and unless we do something significant as individuals, the same will happen to us.


17/40. There’s a skeleton inside of all of us.

18/40. There are people out there who are sexually fixated on rotting human corpses.

19/40. In 100 years, pretty much everyone on Facebook will be dead.

20/40. The people we try daily to impress with our wit on social media might be ugly and dumb.


21/40. That many, many people at this very second are wishing for the glass of water I just got from the tap.

And, of course, that someday, I will know what it feels like to die. Like, it’s completely unavoidable. At some point in the future, I will be like, “you wanted to know what comes after death? well there it is.”

Every time I think about this I feel something like intense stage fright.

22/40. In the time it has taken you to read this sentence, someone has died.

23/40. “This too shall pass” makes a happy man sad and a sad man happy.


24/40. I’m paraphrasing from memory but: “At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.”

25/40. Somewhere in the world, at this very moment, some poor soul is about to go on the internet for the first time and be forever ensnared in its swirling vortex of cat pics and breasts.

26/40. Assuming you don’t believe in a god or afterlife, and I don’t.

I think about death, not really death but after death.

Nothingness, no consciousness, no existence, no future, bleak empty nothingness.

Like before existing.

I don’t know really how to describe this, but its kept me awake at night in a cold sweat before.

27/40. The vastness of the ocean, and the vastness of space.

But more the ocean, because the chances of me dying in space are very low, whereas I live within miles of the ocean and sometimes voluntarily choose to subject myself to a buoyant jaunt on it’s surface.


28/40. Until 1977 the nuclear launch code for the US was 00000000.

29/40. That the only proof we have that our laws for the universe will continue to stay the same is the fact that they have for the duration of our brief existence so far.

30/40. In a book by Bill Bryson, he explains an interesting scientific theory: Our bodies have around 100 trillion cells, all of which contain more than 100 times more atoms than there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Our cells in our body are recycled every five years or so, and along with them, the atoms that compose them.

Now, the interesting thing about this is that it’s theorized that with this extremely rapid exchange of atoms that everyone goes through, every one of you physically has about a billion atoms in your body right now that once belonged to Socrates, Da Vinci, Ghandi, and every other person that has ever walked this earth.


31/40. Living things all have an average of 1.5 billion heartbeats during their lifetime. Just put your hand on your chest and start counting down.

32/40. Every atom in your body is transient. This means that approximately every seven years ever single atom in your body gets swapped out for a new one. Therefore, everything that makes you up, your body, brain, and the synapses that store your memories are different to the ones you were born with. You are, in effect, literally a physically different person.

33/40. That you have never seen your own face in person- only in mirrors and pictures.

34/40. One of the biggest problems with world hunger isn’t the lack of food, but food distribution…

35/40. The universe is huge. Our entire planet, our entire existence is but a hydrogen atom in our Sun as compared to the whole cosmological scale (probably even smaller). It makes me wonder why anything we do even matters.


36/40. It kind of freaks me out that in about 50 years and I look back on my life, I will only remember distinctly about 1-5% of my days. Like you could live like 10,000 days and maybe only remember 50 because something important happened and the rest just disappear.

37/40. Sonder, the idea that everyone else’s lives are as complex as your own.

38/40. We all have a common ancestor from no longer than 2,000 to 4,000 years ago.


39/40. You can die at any moment from a brain aneurism and there isn’t anything you can do about it. That is super scary.

40/40. Every single person you know you will see for the very last time at some point. You will likely have no idea when this point comes, and for many of the people you still consider good friends, this may have already passed.



I’m not nearly as attractive as my mother lead me to believe.



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