Nobody Wants To Adopt This Cat Because Of How He Looks, But He Is Desperate For A Forever Home

The mythical vampire and our friendly house cats actually have a lot in common. They’re both active at night, their eyes can be hypnotizing, and they possess a penchant for the color black. But one cat in England is taking the whole “vampire” thing to another level, and it’s making a lot of people pass him over at the shelter.

Rory was dropped off at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home after his owner had him for just two weeks — all because he learned the little guy needed surgery on his teeth, which were set in an unusual shape that made it very hard for him to eat.

This is Rory, a shelter cat who was given the nickname “Dracula cat.”

vampire cat

Rory’s owner gave him up when he learned the little guy needed surgery because his teeth weren’t letting his jaw close properly.

vampire cat

Rory then had emergency dental work performed, which left him resembling a certain famous creature of the night. 

vampire cat

“Rory’s story is a classic example of why people should really think carefully and consider all the responsibilities of owning a cat before bringing one home,” says a Battersea official. Rory is said to love tuna and is looking for a new home — preferably one that appreciates his unique look!

vampire cat

Don’t you just love this face?

`vampire cat

We think that Rory’s teeth make him look even more beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to bring such a cutie like him home?


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