The Reason Why This Man Relaxes Inside A Kennel With A Pit Bull Is Heartwarming

His animal hospital was about to close up shop for the night when Dr. Andy Mathis received a call about a neglected dog who needed some immediate attention. The gray pit bull arrived in unbelievably bad condition.


This starving pit bull was discovered on the road. She was taken to Dr. Andy Mathis, where he diagnosed her as hypothermic and suffering from a vaginal prolapse.

veterinarian eats with pitbull


He had two choices: he could euthanize Graycie or he could try to help her. Her chances weren’t very good, but he knew he wanted to try and save her.

veterinarian eats with pitbull


In order to make Graycie comfortable, Dr. Mathis sat in the kennel with her and ate from a metal bowl with her, so that she might feel they were equals.


After some time spent relaxing in the kennel alongside her, he noticed her appetite and weight started to increase promisingly.

veterinarian eats with pitbull


She still has to heal more mentally and physically, but one day this miracle pit bull will be ready for a forever home.

veterinarian eats with pitbull

Dr. Andy Mathis has done such an incredible job with Graycie. It’s so heartwarming to hear stories like this.


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