Veterinarian Staff Saves Bald Eagle Who Faced Certain Death

It’s extremely rare to see an American bald eagle from a distance. It’s even more unusual to have one right in your very own arms. But that is exactly what occurred when a bald eagle, after having barely survived a terrible accident, was left in the caring hands of these amazing veterinarians.

#1. Arriving in a cold, cardboard box, the bald eagle was covered in blood, from beak to talons.


#2. Usually full of fight and fire, the majestic bird calmly held on for dear life.


#3. It’s incredible how sharp and huge his talons were.


#4. The vets decided to name the eagle Freedom and worked diligently to heal him.


#5. Vets discovered Freedom had an open fracture – where bone broke through his skin – and did their best to sedate and then repair his beautiful wing.


#6. After weeks of stabilization, Freedom’s wing was healed.


#7. He is now being given his final treatments and will be released back into the wild to rule the skies once again.


Source: Pulptastic

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