A Gym For Dogs Opens Its Doors In Wales And It Is Just As Adorable As You Think

Has your dog been packing on the pounds lately?  Skipping workouts? Sleeping a lot?

wales dog gymnasium

If you live in Wales, you can now sign up your pup for a membership at the Dognasium, a gym exclusively for dogs. According to its website, the Canine Gym at the Dognasium borrows techniques from human physical therapy and conditioning. At £10 per hour, dogs at the Dognasium will have access to longer-than-average treadmills, cavaletti poles, a well-trained human staff, and more.

wales dog gymnasium

And, should your dog want to train to be the next four-legged Usain Bolt or just shed a few pounds, the gym even offers classes in agility, training and weight management.

The Dognasium is the brainchild of CSAnimal Hydro and Physiotherapy, who already works with dogs both recovering from procedures and suffering from long-term conditions like arthritis.

In an interview with South Wales Evening Post, CSAnimal Hydro and Physiotherapy’s Lesley Johnston said, “The concept is to help treat dogs who may be overweight, or suffer from chronic conditions such as arthritis, and help them to control the symptoms.”

Johnston continued: “As well as providing exercise, it will be able to help with weight management and agility and we hope to provide dog walking groups, which might be attractive to older dog owners who might prefer to walk their dogs in a group.”

There are several dog gyms already in the United States, such as the All Dogs Gym & Inn in New Hampshire, but the Dognasium is Wales’ first. Advanced booking at the Dognasium is strongly advised, so contact the gym here if your dog is ready to work up a sweat.

wales dog gymnasium

Have a ball with your workout!!



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