Look Very Closely At How This Walrus Calf Reacts To A Caregiver After Being Rescued…

When fishermen saw a baby walrus all by himself, they made a call to The Alaskan SeaLife Center.

A baby walrus will typically spend about two years with its mom, but some of them stay with mom for as many as five years. A mother walrus nurses her baby for over a year.

At birth walrus, babies weigh 45 to 75 kg and they can swim. The calf that was found was estimated at only 4 to 6 weeks of age, so this ‘little’ guy was in definite need of assistance if he was going to live! He was taken to the Alaskan SeaLife Center rehabilitation center and introduced to his new caretakers right away.

The video below shows the interaction between them at their very first meeting!

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