Baby Weasel Flies For The First Time Thanks To A Woodpecker

East London-based photographer Martin Le-May made some really good photos, and some of them include a baby weasel and a woodpecker. There’s a hilarious story behind the footage.

You may consider this a cute scene, but the woodpecker and the baby weasel are actually fighting. The baby weasel is actually trying to eat the woodpecker, and the woodpecker is more interested in seeing the light of another day.

weasel riding on bird

Le-May witnessed the “fight” at Hornchurch Country Park as he was enjoying the beautiful day. He heard the noise and saw these two fightings.

The woodpecker flew past Le-May, but there was something on its back. The weasel. So, Le-May couldn’t miss the moment and took some really hilarious photos.

weasel riding on bird

The cute duo was actually engaged in a fight for life. The bird landed, and the weasel spotted Le-May and his wife. This gave the woodpecker enough time to fly up in the surrounding trees. The weasel couldn’t do anything but run away hungry.

Weasels rob nests, and this baby was probably hoping to get a free meal. Well, the woodpecker didn’t give up without a fight. Bird-enthusiast Jason Ward was the first to share the photos, noting that these two are best friends. He didn’t know the real story.

weasel riding on bird

According to experts, the bird is European green woodpecker, a breed that releases loud sounds. These birds feed on ants and grow 210-216mm in length with a 320-330mm wingspan.

Stebe Backshall, a wildlife presenter, says it isn’t unusual for these birds to fly, and he was amazed that the woodpecker did it with a weasel on its back.

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