Diver Has Unforgettable Encounter With Whale Shark Who Reaches Out To Grab His Hand

When a group of divers went for a dive, they had no idea what incredible encounter awaited them.

A meeting with a whale shark, which is actually the biggest species of fish in existence, is impressive enough, this, however, was to be much bigger even than that.

whale shark encounter

When the whale shark approached one of the lone divers, he expected the giant to swim past as they normally do. Instead, the beautiful creature gently tugged on his hand.

The diver was confused and the dive team was concerned for the welfare of one of their team! Just as quickly as the shark had taken his hand, he let go.

whale shark encounter

When the shark moved passed him he noticed what looked to be a huge commercial fishing rope wrapped around the animal, cutting into its fins.

At this point he wasted no time and not taking a second to consider the risks, he took out a flip knife he happened to be carrying and began working on the rope.

whale shark encounter

The rescue took less than a minute, but judging by the animal’s skin underneath, it is possible the rope had been there for a very long time, possibly even years which must have been an incredible frustration to the huge creature.

whale shark encounter

While it is a large, intimidating animal the whale shark does not attack human beings unless provoked or protecting young. It is now a great companion for divers.

Just listen to the sound the gentle giant as he thanks the divers for finally being free of its shackles.

On closer inspection, the rope was almost two inches thick and appeared as though it had been there for years. The divers were clearly elated by the beautiful encounter and proudly showed off their trophy.

whale shark encounter

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