This Quiz Will Help Advise You On What Type Of Dog You Should Adopt

According to PawsLikeMe, the new eHarmony for pups, 40 questions determine what kind of dog you should adopt with 90% accuracy.

In only a few minutes, this quiz will assess the level of energy, focus, confidence, and independence you want in a dog. Once you’ve taken the quiz, you can browse compatible adoptees in your area. From there, you can filter pups based on physical traits (long hair, short hair, etc.), household needs (kids, allergies, etc.), and adoption group (specific shelters, humane societies, etc.)


what dog should i adopt quiz

Each dog has a profile, similar to what you’d find on a dating website. There’s a list with essential info, like gender, breed, and distance from where you live, plus a short personality description. You can share your favorite dogs with your friends and family, too. Depending on your location and how you answer the quiz questions, you could be matched with dozens of dogs or only a couple.

This isn’t just a site for potential pet parents. It’s also a place to post your dog for adoption (should you have to make that heartbreaking decision.) When your pup gets adopted, up to half of the adoption fee will be donated to a non-profit pet rescue or shelter.

Right now Paws Like Me is working to make a section for feline friends. Check out the website’s IndieGoGo for adding cats.


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