Mischievous Wild Birds Are Entertaining Themselves By Rearranging Traffic Cones

There is a certain wild bird in New Zealand that is considered very clever. The kea is considered one of the world’s smartest parrots.

wild birds mess with traffic

Because of their intelligence, they have a tendency for mischief. They have damaged people’s cars by chewing on the plastic parts but that’s not the only damage they do.

wild birds mess with traffic

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) discovered traffic cones near a tunnel had been displaced, camera footage revealed that these birds are the culprits.

Kea parrots also are a farmer’s worst nightmare, until the birds were given protections in the 1970s.  The farmers shot 150,000 of them because they had been attacking their sheep.

The kea is an endangered species and it does not matter how disruptive they are, it’s crucial to keep them around. The authorities in New Zealand decided to compromise instead of villainizing wildlife.

The residents made the birds a jungle gym with puzzles to keep their sharp minds busy.

wild birds mess with traffic

With their new entertainment centers, these birds will be less tempted to direct traffic.

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