Wolf Dog Rescued From A Fur Farm Is Living Happily Ever After At A Sanctuary

When the USDA shuts down illegal or unlicensed fur farms, the fate of the animals inside is not always a happy one. Some animals are too ill to make it to freedom, while others carry deep emotional scars that haunt them forever.

When one fur farm in Illinois was shut down, all of the animals they kept there, mostly foxes, found new homes. But for one sick and traumatized wolf dog, placement seemed impossible, and the clock was ticking.

Zoey the wolf do was lucky to be alive. She was living on a fur farm, where she was due to be slaughtered and skinned. She was infested with parasites and underweight.


When the fur farm was shut down by the government, she was given a second chance at a wolf sanctuary. She was shy and sad at first, but eventually made friends with a wolf named Pax, and her true self really began to finally shine through.


Zoey’s favorite game to play with volunteers is ‘keep away’! From shovels to balls and even coats, if Zoey can carry it in her mouth she’ll grab it!


She loves being chased and all of the attention that comes with it.


It’s amazing to see Zoey’s transformation from sad dog into the life of the party!


She’s proof that when it comes to animals, there’s no such thing as too late.

Look how happy she is now!

I’m so happy that Zoey got a second chance. She deserves to be happy!

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