Woman Wanted To Start New Life With Boyfriend, So She Threw Her Dog In Trash

While Nathan Bennie, a trash collector, was on his daily rounds he was shocked at what he found in one of the trash cans.

Inside was a dog, she was weak, she was starving to the point where he could see all her bones through the skin.

woman throws dog in trash

He immediately took the dog out and gave her his lunch, called the nearest animal shelter and waited with her for their arrival. He was in shock that anyone could do this to an animal. How could a dog end up there, and why?

The truth was soon revealed and you won’t believe it!

woman throws dog in trash

The owner of the dog, who was micro-chipped, was located and she was arrested.

She confessed to tossing the dog in the trash can to get rid of her; so she could follow her boyfriend to Texas!!

Before beginning her new life in Texas, she is going to spend some time in prison. She was charged with animal cruelty.

It is still unfathomable that she did this to this poor girl! woman throws dog in trash

The dog is only 10 months old, is on her way to recovery. She has gained 8 pounds and there is already a lot of requests for adoption. Once she is completely healthy, she will go to her new loving home, to be with a family; that hopefully will treat him with the love she deserves!

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